Tumour-targeted delivery of therapeutic nanoparticles


Nanocapture is a translational biomedical research project. Our small pre-seed team is based at the Pharmacy Department at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, Germany. Supported by the GO-Bio program of the German Federal Government – BMBF, our team is aiming to significantly improve the selectivity of drug delivery during tumour chemotherapies. In our key proof-of concept studies, we could demonstrate that our lead product, NanoCap-DLV, effectively slows down tumour progression in aggressive models of pancreatic and breast cancer compared to the standard of care. 


  • 2019 April - Constanze and Monique join team NanoCapture! Wellcome!
  • 2018 April - NanoCapture is one of the eight winners of the GO-Bio competition!
    The team receives the prestigious award at the German Biotechnology Days in Berlin.
  • 2017 October - NanoCapture progresses to the final selection round of the GO-Bio program.
  • 2017 June - NanoCapture submits a project proposal for the 8th round of GO-Bio,
    Germany’s most prestigious funding body for translational biotech projects.
  • 2017 May - NanoCapture applies for the m4 Award.
  • 2017 May - The NanoCapture team attends the BioEntrepreneur Boot Camp organized by BioM.
  • 2017 January - The NanoCapture project moves into the feasibility phase. Preliminary proof-of-concept studies show great potential for the technology.
  • 2015 November - Dr. Thorn-Seshold wins the Innovationsakademie competiton with a novel concept
    to improve cancer therapy - NanoCapture.


The NanoCapture is a multidisciplinary team with experts in chemistry, in vivo biology and oncology.



Project Leader

Petar brings more than 10 years of experience in leading scientific projects. Together with Dr. Thorn-Seshold, he performed first proof-of-principle studies and obtained the initial funding for the project. He is responsible for the overall project strategy, as well as for the scientific and business development.


Translational research scientist

Julia is a scientist with a strong background in tumour pathology, neurobiology and molecular biology. In addition, she brings valuable experience in conducting and organizing clinical trials. Within the NanoCapture project, she is responsible for the in-house studies and data analysis.



in vivo assays

Constanze is a technical assistant with extensive experience in oncology research. Within the NanoCapture project, she is responsible for running in-house in vivo assays


in vitro assays

Monique is a technical assistant and brings strong expertise in establishing and running in vitro assays

Monique good



Oliver is the inventor of the NanoCapture concept which won the 2015 Innovationsakademie competition. With the strong  background in medicinal chemistry, his main research interest is developing more selective and powerful anticancer drugs. Oliver is a junior group leader at the Pharmacy Department at LMU and remains a close advisor to the NanoCapture project.

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